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Q: How long does it usually take for the item I ordered to arrive?

A: Orders are mailed within 1-3 days, so it usually takes about a week to a week and a half! Orders outside of the USA usually take 7-12 days!

Q: Am I able to pay another method than credit card? (ie: cash, money order, etc.)

A: Definitely! Send an email with what you'd like to order, as well as your city/state/country, to, and I'll get your order placed as soon as possible.

Q: Do you sell/ship to locations outside the United States?

A: Absolutely! JS merchandise can be shipped to anywhere in the world!

Q: Why do your shipping prices for outside of the USA seem higher than usual?

A: Unfortunately as of 2013 the USPS decided to pretty much double their prices to ship to everywhere else in the world, leaving people such as myself in a pretty bad predicament. I'm currently looking into a cheap way of shipping stuff, so I will make a post about that if I am successful at finding something! Until then I sincerely apologize for the higher shipping rates! It's completely out of my control :/