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JS Tabs & Chords Book Vol 1

Image of JS Tabs & Chords Book Vol 1


I put together a booklet of guitar tabs for over 30 JS songs, along with some tunings to help you get started learning them! It also includes a DVD where I show you how to play some of the songs!

Includes tabs for:
Distant and Faded*
Dreaming Of This
Goodbye I'm Sorry
Far Away
Head Spin
Here's Lookin At You Kid
I Hope You're Proud
I Miss You*
If You Live By The Sword, You Die By The Sword
In Loving Memory
It Will Be Alright
It's Like A Knife In A Gunfight
Love Vs. Life
Slowly Moving In
Sweet Dreams
Take Me Home Tonight
This One's For You*
Till The World Ends*
Unforgettable Night
Whenever You Need
You're Going Down*
Don't Go
Don't Go
Never Enough
Futile Road
Champagne, Whiskey, and Beer
Here's Lookin At You Kid
Come On, Come On
Come Back Home

*=DVD demonstration included!

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